3 Simple Tips To Care For Your HVAC System

3 (Simple) Tips to Care for Your HVAC System

In order to save on electrical bills and increase the longevity of your HVAC system, there are a few simple ways to meet your HVAC Charleston maintenance needs. Upkeep and proper hygiene can go a long way in keeping some of the more common problems with your heating and cooling system at bay.

What’s more, because of the fact that your heating and cooling system utilizes energy whether it’s working or malfunctioning, it’s important for the efficiency of your home to take proper care of your system.

Clean the Outdoor Condensing Unit

For the benefit of your HVAC Charleston upkeep, you can clean the outdoor condensing unit that is part of your heating and cooling system. Oftentimes the fan gets clogged with dirt and organic matter. If you take a water hose and clean this section of your HVAC Charleston unit, you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy heating and cooling system.

Change Out Your Filters

Just like cleaning out the lint from your dryer, your HVAC Charleston unit requires that its filter is cleaned as well. These filters are replaceable/disposable and are good for one to three months. We recommend changing them more often if there are any allergies in the family or if you have cats, dogs, or other pets. 

Use Your Eyes and Clear the Way From Obstruction

As with cleaning the outdoor unit with a water hose when the fan gets dirty, you can also do a few other things with the outdoor section, should you have one. For example, if there are trees or bushes nearby, debris like twigs or leaves may get in the way. You can wipe these away easily. 

Additionally, have a look around. Are there larger trees from neighboring houses, nearby wooded areas, or near the road? Sometimes these trees will flower or produce fruits or seeds and clutter up your heating and cooling system. Keep an eye on at what time of year this happens and protect your investment with some smart cleaning and proactive maintenance on your part. 


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