5 Ways to Reduce Indoor Humidity

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5 Ways to Reduce Indoor Humidity

When your house is harboring humidity, it can make your indoor oasis feel less than luxurious. However, it may seem like an issue you can’t rid of easily. The experts at Fix-it 24/7 Heating and Air compiled everything you need to know about home humidity and how you can avoid high indoor humidity levels in the future. Keep reading to learn five ways to reduce indoor humidity.

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Why is My House Humid?

First things first, why is your house humid? Along with outdoor heat and humidity seeping into your home, building structural issues can lead to extra damp air. When humidity is present in your home, it can cause mold and mildew growth and make the air feel sticky.

Your home humidity should ideally stay under 50 percent in the summer and around 25 percent in the winter. If your home humidity rises above these levels, it can make your home muggy and uncomfortable. You can notice excess humidity in your home by seeing extra condensation on your windows and feeling air that makes your hands and skin feel slick.

Five Ways to Reduce Home Humidity

When you’re looking to reduce home humidity, it’s important to consider regular AC filter changes, professional indoor air quality testing, dehumidification system installation, air filtration system installation, and air duct disinfecting. These five methods will keep pesky humidity and mold out of your home, improving your home’s cooling and indoor air quality.

Regular AC Filter Changes

Many homeowners install an HVAC system for added temperature control and comfort in their homes. However, neglecting regular maintenance on your AC system can leave it clogged and distribute faulty airflow or circulate contaminated air throughout your home. To maintain cool and clean airflow, you should change your AC filter at least every 90 days.

When your filter is left unchanged and becomes blocked, it not only affects airflow but also locks in added moisture. This can lead to mold and mildew developing inside your HVAC system. Cleaning your air filters regularly ensures these irritants don’t have time to grow or spread.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Testing

Professional indoor air quality testing helps to pinpoint specific allergens and irritants lurking in your home air. Not only can these tests determine the presence of high humidity in your home, but they are also vital in keeping you from breathing in hazardous contaminants. Inadequate air ventilation can also be highlighted by a professional indoor air quality test.

Dehumidification System Installation

Installing a dehumidification system in your home is one of the most straightforward ways to control indoor humidity. Dehumidification systems remove musty odors and eliminate toxins by compressing warm air and sending cool, dry air back into your home.

You may benefit from a dehumidification system installation if you notice foul smells, excessive moisture on furniture or windows, agitated health issues, and mold visible anywhere near your heating and cooling system. Excessive moisture has a negative impact on the lifespan of your walls and can cause major structural damage if not dealt with right away, so it’s important to install systems that can help you sort out issues by implementing solutions.

Air Filtration System Installation

In addition to dehumidifiers, air filtration system installation services provide added protection from airborne irritants. Air filtration systems trap large particles in a series of filters to remove irritants like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. Like any AC filter, your air filtration system filters should be changed regularly to unclog their parts and ensure there isn’t restricted airflow.

Air filtration systems are especially useful in homes where family members struggle with respiratory issues or asthma because they address common allergens. These systems improve health by improving the air you breathe. There are both single air filtration units and whole-house air filtration systems that are integrated into your HVAC system directly. Both options are helpful to make your home a dry and sanitized, safe space.

Air Duct Disinfecting

In a traditional HVAC system, your ductwork is responsible for transporting cool air to different rooms throughout your home. However, it also represents the ideal breeding ground for moisture-related contaminants. That’s where air duct disinfecting comes in handy to save the day and sanitize your air ducts, so you don’t breathe in unhealthy air.

During an air duct disinfecting service in Charleston, trained technicians will inspect your system for any inefficient sections, so they can determine areas that are most vital to clean. Then, commercial machines are used to spread disinfectant throughout your ductwork’s surface. These products help to remove moisture issues and viruses from your system.

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