A Guide to HVAC Tune-Ups

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A Guide to HVAC Tune-Ups

Air conditioning and heating units are like any other mechanical system, like a car or the human body. They need occasional maintenance, but many only get it done when they notice something wrong.

Regularly scheduled HVAC tune-ups keep your system functional and efficient. In the long run, they’re the most cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable and make your HVAC systems last for years.

Here’s a guide to the major points of HVAC tune-ups — why they’re helpful, when to get them, and what your Max’s Fix-it 24/7 technician does in a maintenance visit to your home.

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

Why is regular HVAC servicing from a qualified company like Max’s Fix-it 24/7 a smart idea? The benefits are considerable.

Checks & Fixes Every Detail

An HVAC system is more than just a fan and a thermostat. It’s a complex unit with a lot of moving parts, each one performing an essential task. An AC tune-up technician knows exactly what to look for and where to find it, keeping each part of your system in working order and minimizing wear and tear.

Finds Problems Before They Happen

An AC tune-up costs money, but it’s never as expensive as repairs. HVAC technicians discover and diagnose potential issues with your system and can make the adjustments needed to stop them on the spot. That lessens the chance of a breakdown that could damage your HVAC system, not to mention your wallet.

Ensures Better HVAC Performance

All the duties a technician performs in an AC tune-up help your system run more efficiently and use less energy. That results in a longer-lasting system and less expensive utility bills.

What to Expect in an HVAC Tune-Up

AC units in Charleston, SC, come in different sizes and configurations. For all of them, the tune-up routine is generally the same.

You can schedule an annual check-up addressing everything in one shot. Alternatively, if you have both an air conditioner and furnace, you can have each unit individually checked six months apart.

Whatever option you choose, an HVAC tune-up happens in three different stages: inspection, cleaning, and service. 


HVAC system inspection is the heart of an AC tune-up. The technician thoroughly examines each part, measuring performance and testing for efficiency and possible hazards. Every part of the HVAC system is checked—even the smallest detail.

A typical HVAC inspection checks for:

  • Thermostat settings
  • AC drain pan
  • Refrigerant level
  • Service valves
  • Furnace motor and compressor
  • Ductwork
  • Safety controls
  • Blower motor and belts
  • Flue-heat cycle
  • Heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • Fins
  • Space surrounding equipment

The technician looks for wear and tear in each of those components and suggests solutions for repair or replacement.

They also conduct system tests in the inspection stage, which may include:

  • Testing for carbon dioxide
  • Measuring airflow and electrical power
  • Checking for exposed wiring
  • Testing start-up efficiency
  • Inspecting suction line fittings
  • Detecting refrigerant leaks
  • Checking for oil leaks
  • Measuring temperature difference between supply and return air

If your technician finds anything wrong during the inspection phase, they’ll let you know and likely suggest repairs or replacements. 


Cleaning and flushing may seem like simple tasks for an AC tune-up, but it’s one of the most important jobs a technician performs. Dirt and debris accumulation is one of the most common causes of HVAC deterioration and breakdown, even in minor system parts.

During a tune-up, the serviceperson cleans parts like:

  • AC interior
  • Condensate drains
  • Outdoor condenser and evaporator coils
  • Furnace ignition assembly
  • Blowers
  • Burners
  • Drain line 

This part of HVAC maintenance will improve your system’s efficiency and performance and gear it up for another year of hard work. 


Finally, the HVAC technician adjusts and fixes any issues they may have diagnosed in the inspection stage.

Many of the repairs are just minor improvements but go a long way toward correcting problems that keep the system from running adequately. Others are routine equipment replacements that need to be done across the board from time to time. A few fixes may need a little more time and effort, especially if it’s been a long time since the last tune-up.

Some of the adjustments and repairs the technician may make include:

  • Replacing worn-out parts, like fan blades or capacitors
  • Changing out the air filter
  • Fixing minor refrigerant leaks
  • Recharging the system
  • Adjusting blower motor and belts
  • Lubricating system parts and applying protective coatings
  • Adjusting pilot light and gas pressure
  • Straightening fins

Technicians can also do other minor services not listed, like calibrating the thermostat and tightening electrical connections.

When to Get an HVAC Tune-Up

Ideally, you should have regularly scheduled maintenance on your HVAC unit at least annually or even twice a year. It’s also worth having a tune-up if you’ve just moved into a new place.

If you know it’s been a while since your last tune-up, schedule one as soon as you have time, especially if you notice any of the following:

  • Odd sounds coming from the AC or furnace
  • Inadequate room temperature
  • Strange or unpleasant smells from AC or furnace
  • Bad air circulation or pressure
  • Excessive dryness or humidity
  • AC water leaks or puddles
  • Dirty components, including furnace burners
  • High utility bills

If you wait, you could pay for it down the line. Remember, time takes its toll on HVAC units, so pay special attention to yours if it’s older than ten years. Also, make sure to schedule regular checkups. 

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to forget about the HVAC system in one’s house, especially when it’s not in continuous use. But a regular and thorough check-up takes care of its most pressing needs and can result in advantages to your comfort, safety, and budget. 

HVAC Tune-Up in Charleston, SC

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