What is the Best Temperature in the Home for Pets

What is the Best Temperature in the Home for Pets

Air Conditioning Repair | Pets are a special part of the family. They are pampered and loved daily. Good behavior is rewarded with unique toys, gourmet goodies, and other specialty pet items. You do all you can to ensure your pet’s comfort and happiness. What about the temperature inside the home. Is it appropriate for your little fur babies?

Air conditioning repair specialists suggest that the inside temperature should be set according to the health status and breed of your pet. Consider the importance of the factors that surround your pet’s circumstances to select the most efficient temperature.

Here are a few considerations that air conditioning repair professionals suggest you take:

Size: Most people don’t know that smaller pets have a greater amount of skin to displace body heat than larger pets do. This leads to smaller pets to be colder than larger pets would be.

Coat: Pets that have thick and/or long coats appear to tolerate colder weather better. They typically get hotter quicker than humans. Those pets with fur that is short and thin cannot hold body heat and respond better to warmer temperature settings.

Weight: The amount of body fat is a contributing factor to temperature requirements for pets. Pets who weigh more usually have a thick layer of protection to guard against cold weather. Air conditioning repair specialists can make recommendations for proper thermostat settings for winter and summer months.

Taking the above factors into consideration, owners should maintain thermostat temperatures between 75 and 79 degrees F during the summer months. Consider 75 degrees for longer haired or thick fur pets.

When away for work during the day, keep the temperature below 82 degrees. This ensures that your pet is comfortable throughout the day. Air conditioning service professionals can provide useful tips on other ways to keep your home cool during the summer for your pets.

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