3 Tips for Staying Cool in the Summertime

AC Company in Charleston | 3 Tips for Staying Cool in the Summertime

Thanks to your AC company in Charleston servicing your HVAC needs, you may already have a heating and cooling system in place. If you do, congratulations! This will help immensely when summer gets rolling. After all, there is nothing quite like coming home to a perfect temperature that cools the sweat from your brow or makes you slump into your couch in happiness.

The magic of summer includes the plethora of activities that can be done outdoors. Going to the beach, taking a beautiful hike, having a picnic with friends and family, or playing recreational sports are all a part of what makes summer so good. 

Knowing how to keep cool while preparing for or returning from activities like these will be something you are doubly grateful for once the heat hits.

Get the Right Bed Sheets

Maybe you’ve thought about this one, or maybe you haven’t. Although thanks to your AC company in Charleston for providing air conditioning, something as simple as getting the right sheets for your bed can also be a game-changer.

Go for cotton sheets over satin or silk, as cotton is a lighter, breathable fabric. An added bonus tip is to try the one-foot-out, one-foot-in method by keeping one foot underneath the blanket and the other uncovered. Unusual? Maybe. Effective? Yes!

Don’t Use Your Oven as Much

This one is as simple as it sounds. Ovens radiate heat. Heat is what we want to avoid. Ergo, maybe skimp on the lasagna in favor of a cold-cut sandwich. Even if your AC company in Charleston has provided heating and cooling in your home, you don’t want to hike up the electricity bill when it’s working overtime to account for the heat generated from your oven.

Use Your Garden for Shade

Sometimes we forget that the trees and plants in our garden aren’t only beautiful, but also provide shade! Whether you want to reduce the sunlight entering your home or you’re interested in adding an additional “room” to hang out in, take advantage of your garden or patio by planting already-grown plants that provide an area of shade. Or, maybe this is a friendly reminder to go and use those trees out there that already exist in your yard! Hammocks in the shade are a definite recommendation.

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