Common AC Repairs Encountered by Homeowners

Common AC Repairs Encountered by Homeowners

Air Conditioning in Charleston | Air conditioning is a major necessity in the summer heat. If your home has an older model AC unit, there may be a need for air conditioning repairs. This is even true with newer model units. The degree of the problem determines if repairs are needed. In any case, professional technicians should assess and approach any repair attempts.

Here are a few of the most common signs that your unit may need repair.

Clogged Lines

Symptoms of a clogged line may be minimal or nonexistent. In some cases, there when leaks cause water to accumulate in the drain pan. Too much moisture can make the AC unit turn off completely. If this happens, the drain should be checked by the owner or a professional air conditioning in Charleston.

Electrical Issues

Several types of electrical issues may occur that include faulty terminals, inaccurate wiring, bad thermostats, and other problems. If an AC unit turns off completely, inspect the fuse, breaker, and other similar components. If no issues appear in these areas, contact a skilled air conditioning repair company. Continuous malfunction of cycles could be a sign of issues with sensors and other measuring components. They could need replacing or repaired.

Faulty Fan Belt

A faulty fan belt can cause a squeaking noise when the air conditioner is operating. There may be no indication that the belt is going bad unless it is detected during air conditioning repair of another component or regular maintenance check. It is best to have all noises inspected by a repair technician. The issue could be minor but become progressively worse if left unchecked and should be inspected by Air Conditioning in Charleston.

The above are among the most common issues that may be lead to air conditioning repair during the hot summer months. Never ignore issues with an AC, as they may be serious and cause the entire unit to be replaced.

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