A Guide for End of Summer AC Maintenance for Homeowners

A Guide for End of Summer AC Maintenance for Homeowners

After spending long days outdoors with the family in the sun and kicking back on your favorite couch, the hot summer days will soon be a distant memory. This means that the way we use our air conditioner can change. This is the best time of year to do some well-deserved maintenance. As you know, your AC has worked hard during the summer. The least you can do is give it some TLC. This TLC does not have to cost you a lot of money and take too much of your time. 

Fix-it 24/7 has put together an effective guide for homeowners who wish to keep their AC units well-maintained. This type of AC maintenance can prevent damage to your air conditioner. Fix-it 24/7 is a qualified HVAC contractor in Charleston, Isle of Palms, Wando, and Sullivans Island, SC. We specialize in air conditioning installations, maintenance, and AC repair. 

Tips For End of Summer AC Maintenance

Here are a few guidelines and tips to ensure a smooth-running AC unit. This won’t take much time but will benefit you in many ways, such as lowering energy usage and monthly utility bills. You can also extend the life of your air conditioning unit by using these easy tips. 

Change Your Filter

A simple yet effective method to ensure your air conditioning unit runs smoothly and gives you many great years of cooling is to change your filter regularly. A filter should be changed on a monthly basis to ensure smooth operation. However, summer is the hardest season for a filter because your AC will run more often and collect more dirt and dust. When your air filter is clean, it takes a lot of pressure off the unit, and your AC doesn’t work harder than it should or use more energy than necessary. This can extend the life of your air conditioner and lower your utility bills. 

Keep Your Coils Clean

Your air conditioner’s coils and fins are located on the outside of your home. This is prime space for bushes and shrubs to grow over the AC unit. Dirt, leaves, and debris can also build up in this area. All of this can make your air conditioner work harder than it should and eventually, your AC unit may become worn out before its time. It’s easy enough to avoid this trouble by clearing this area of any obstructions. Using a broom and a garden hose can get the job done effectively. There is no need for a pressure cleaner, as this may leave you with a broken AC and a hefty repair bill. 

Keep Surrounding Shrubbery Trimmed

Planting small plants around your air conditioning unit can hide a big unsightly box that may take away from the beauty of your garden. However, as mentioned above, these plants may get in the way of your AC operating efficiently. Leaving adequate space around your unit gives it enough room to ensure proper airflow. If you have an over-growth of plants or shrubs, you can easily get rid of it with a pair of garden shears. Cut back branches and leaves that are directly obstructing your air conditioning unit. This will allow it to cool your home without overworking or using too much energy. 

Ensure Your Dryer Vent Is Not Angled Toward Your AC Unit

Your dryer exhaust also plays an important role in the cooling of your home and is an essential component of your air conditioner. If your dryer vent is angled towards your AC unit, you run the risk of lint being sucked into your air conditioner. This can be harmful to your AC unit. It is best to have your dryer exhaust positioned away from your AC. 

Use A Ceiling Fan When You Can

When summer draws to a close, it may not be necessary to have your AC unit on full blast all the time. If you have a ceiling fan, try to use it more often. Ceiling fans use less energy and also take the strain off your AC unit. A ceiling fan is highly effective at getting a cool breeze to blow through your home.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed During the Day

The sun can raise the temperature of your home if you keep the shades open all day. While it is nice to have sunshine in our homes, this can lead to higher electricity bills as your AC unit works harder to cool your home. Perhaps you can keep the blinds or shades closed in rooms that aren’t used often.

Check Ductwork for Leaks

Likely, your ducts are out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Your ducts play an important role in the cooling of your home and should be maintained regularly. Call an HVAC professional to check that your ductwork is still in good condition by looking for leaks or damage. If you have air escaping from your ducts before it reaches your home, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder to produce more cold air. This means that your AC is using unnecessary energy. 

Seal Open Spaces

Doors and windows that are not properly sealed allow cooled air to escape your home. Make sure all doors and windows are properly sealed, and you can lower your utility bills and the demand for your air conditioner. 

Schedule a tune-up with a professional Charleston HVAC company. 

There is a lot that you can do on your own to maintain your air conditioner. However, there are certain aspects of HVAC maintenance that are best left to the professionals. Scheduling a regular tune-up on your AC can extend the life of your unit and save money on repairing and replacing parts. Call Fix-it 24/7 to arrange an HVAC tune-up. We also provide reliable HVAC services to surrounding areas, like Isle of Palms, Wando, and Sullivans Island, SC. 

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