How To Fight Against Seasonal Allergies

How To Fight Against Seasonal Allergies

AC Company Charleston | Summer is one of the worst seasons for people who suffer from allergies. In most cases, people assume the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes are a normal part of life in the spring. Most will load up on allergy pills and try to avoid contact with pollen. This isn’t always sufficient, as some allergens circulate throughout the home.

Homeowners should be concerned with the quality of the air inside the home, especially if someone suffers from respiratory allergies, immune system disorders, or asthma. Air quality may be worse inside the home than it is on the outside.

However, a few common air conditioning installation options from an AC Company Charleston could help:


In some sense of the term, an AC unit acts as a dehumidifier but not entirely. The one mentioned here can be purchased in a portable size. It is suggested that one be stored within the unit itself. There are also whole-house units that operate with the cooling unit and works to rid the air of moisture.

Purifiers and Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are not the same as the air filter. Your AC Company Charleston should know. The air filter should be changed consistently, and the filtration element should be changed occasionally. Filtration systems cover a larger surface area than filters. Professional air conditioning installation technicians can explain the importance of changing each.

Professional Installation

To maximize air flow throughout the home, the particulate flow must be controlled. Quality installed AC units ensure that the air flows properly and cools the home as it should. It is imperative that the air conditioner is the correct size for space or home in which it is being installed. The home isn’t filtrated properly if the AC is not the correct size.

Air conditioning installation options will vary based on the type of unit the home has. Professional contractors or an Air Company Charleston suggest the most efficient installations for your home or type of air conditioning unit.

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