Geothermal Heat Pumps and Cost Savings

Geothermal Heat Pumps and Cost Savings

People are becoming more environmentally conscious while also looking for ways to reduce their heating and cooling costs. If you ask any heating company in Charleston, they will tell you that the very best way to achieve an eco-friendly home and save the most on your electric bill is to ditch the furnace and switch to geothermal heating. Installing geothermal heat pumps can reduce your household consumption of energy by as much as 80% with most homeowners seeing a cut of at least 40% which drastically reduces your utility bills.

What is Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating systems harness the temperature of the earth from solar energy to distribute heat and cool your home. The ground absorbs up to half of the solar energy that comes to earth and the geothermal heating system can capture this energy in pipes filled with water installed beneath your home. A geothermal heating company in Charleston may call these pipes, loops. The water in the pipes is heated and carried to the geothermal heat pump which removes the heat from the water and sends it into your central heating unit where it is used to warm your house.

Is Geothermal Heating Efficient?

The answer to whether geothermal heating is efficient is a big YES. Ask any heating company in Charleston and they will tell you that heating efficiency can increase four times as much when homeowners choose geothermal heating over a traditional central heating and cooling system.

Most homeowners see a reduction in their monthly bills that pays off their geothermal heating system in less than 10 years. The life expectancy of one of these systems is upwards of 30 years which means you’ll get at least 20 years of utility bill savings before your system will need to be replaced as long as you schedule routine maintenance with your heating company in Charleston.

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