Incorrect Air Filters Can Result in Costly Repairs

Incorrect Air Filters Can Result in Costly Repairs

Most AC repair companies suggest changing the filter on a consistent schedule. Depending on the type of filter, this could be monthly or every other month. Many people think that this is to only ensure that clean air is facilitating through the space being cooled. This is partially true, but the primary concern is to prevent damage from occurring with the AC.

The primary purpose of the air filter for residential AC units is to prevent or decrease the chances of damage in the air conditioner. However, installing the incorrect filter could result in damages that lead to costly air conditioning repairs.

Air Filters Protects the Air Conditioner

While the filter serves as a protection to the system, they are also useful in decreasing the occurrence of allergens. Without the filter, debris and other harmful bacteria could be absorbed through the blower of the AC. This could cause the unit to become damaged. There is still a consistent need for air to filter through the system. Therefore, changing the filter regularly is necessary. A dirty or improper filter could prevent the flow of air.

Filter Maintenance

While it is true that dirty filters restrict or prevent airflow, the same is true of incorrect filters. Fibers and their placement determine the flow of air, and if the filter is designed for the unit, it could prevent efficient airflow throughout the entire system. A filter that is too strong may cause damage to the unit. AC Repair technicians report numerous service calls that are a result of faulty air filters.

When You Need AC Repair

It is important for homeowners to know the correct type of filter for the air conditioner they have installed. Replacement with the same or compatible filter will decrease the chances of costly repair needs.  Contact the professionals today at Max’s Fix-it 24/7.


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