Meet Josephine – Sales Coordinator @ Max’s Fix-it 24/7

Meet Josephine – Sales Coordinator @ Max’s Fix-it 24/7

By Lindsay C. Bishop of Mt. Pleasant Magazine

Sales and customer service rarely go hand in hand, but at Mount Pleasant heating and cooling company Max’s Fix-it 24/7, Sales Coordinator Josephine Uzzo manages the sales team with the customer — not the bottom line — in mind.

Uzzo grew up in Summerville and graduated from Stratford Highschool. After spending five years in Chesapeake, Virginia, she re-joined her retired parents in the Charleston area with her teenage daughter. Before Uzzo became a member of the Max’s Fix-it 24/7 family, she was working as a 911 dispatcher. In search of a more family-oriented position that would allow her to spend time with her daughter, Uzzo applied for a dispatch position at Max’s Fix-it 24/7 without knowing much about the company. 

“The HR representative was so friendly,” Uzzo recalled, but what really blew her away was when owner Medd Box called her personally to set up her interview. That was when Uzzo knew that Max’s Fix-it 24/7 had the small-business culture that she was searching for. “When I met with Medd, it felt very comfortable, like two friends chatting about their future.”

A few months after beginning her new position at Max’s Fix-it 24/7, Uzzo stepped into her current role as Sales Coordinator, in which she speaks to clients who are experiencing issues with their units, schedules field specialists to assess the situation, and helps guide service technicians who may feel like a replacement is a better fit for a client than a repair. What she enjoys most, however, is following up with clients after they’ve met with a sales representative, making sure that their appointment went smoothly and all of their needs were met.

Over the past year, Uzzo has missed taking part in her favorite pastime: enjoying live music. A fan of oldies, classic rock, and Motown, she’s recently begun to enjoy country music and is excited to see live performances begin to pop up at her favorite local restaurants once again. When she’s not relaxing to her favorite jams, Uzzo is busy helping her daughter apply to college and prepare for exams, in hopes to one day become a trauma surgeon. 

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