General Manager Rudy Box Puts the Family in Family-Owned Business at Max’s Fix-it 24/7

General Manager Rudy Box Puts the Family in Family-Owned Business at Max’s Fix-it 24/7

By Lindsay C. Bishop of Mt. Pleasant Magazine

Growing up in a family business means that you learn the value of hard work at a very young age, something that you notice immediately upon meeting Rudy Box, General Manager of Max’s Fix-it 24/7, and son of owner Medd Box.

Rudy was introduced to the heating and cooling industry at a young age, first working unofficially as a “go-fer”, and transitioning into a role as a service technician during high school. As the smallest member of the team, and the owner’s son, Box found himself in many small, hot attics and dank crawl spaces, and he couldn’t imagine ever imagine turning the job into a career. “I hated it,” he remembered with a laugh. After attending college, he returned to the family business with a different perspective. “It’s tough work, but it’s a great way to make a living.” His appreciation grew as he began to find pleasure in the jack-of-all-trades nature of the heating and cooling industry. “You have to know how to do a little bit of everything: plumbing, working with and installing sheet metal, carpentry, electrical work. An air mechanic needs to be well rounded,” he explained.

Having risen through the ranks at Max’s Fix-it 24/7, Box is excited that the company is entering a period of growth as the city itself grows. “We’ve always stayed about the same size so that we could provide exceptional service to our clients and make sure that the people didn’t turn into numbers. We recognize how important it is to be careful as we grow so that we can avoid losing that quality of service, as well as the quality of life for our team members,” he said. “Most importantly, I want people to know that Max’s Fix-it 24/7 is never more than a phone call or text message away and that their comfort is important to us year-round.”

Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Box is now the father of two young boys, ages one and two. He and his wife recently celebrated their third anniversary and purchased a home on James Island, where he’ll be putting his technician skills to good use with a regular honey-do list. In his free time, he enjoys duck hunting and fishing all around the Lowcountry.

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